Most Australian companies are happy to use cloud based apps and SaaS solutions.  They trade the hardware, management and backup tasks for simplicity, scalability and cost based on use.  Most businesses are not concerned about the physical location of their data as… it is simply somewhere “in the cloud.”  However, some customers with very sensitive data may have a preference or even a requirement to store their data locally. 

Like many US based cloud based software companies, Quick Base’s data centre and servers are in the US.  So, the short answer to the question is your “data” is always going to be processed in the US mainland.  Having said that, a practical solution for many customers is to maintain a copy of the data in Australia.


There are three main options to maintain a copy of the data in Australia – API tools, WebHook tools and an ODBC connector.  First, Quick Base provides API tools and functionality to copy the data either in mass via the API call “API_DoQuery”. A link to the details in the API Guide on Quick Base’s website can be found here. This, like most API integrations, will most likely require some assistance from a Quick Base Solution Provider like Emendo Solutions.

A second option is to accomplish the same end using Webhooks to external web services.

Finally, you can use an ODBC connector from QuNect where you can programmatically sync Quick Base data into an Australian database like SQL Server.  SQL Server has scripting services within it that can periodically and automatically pull the data out of Quick Base and deposit it into other ODBC compliant databases. Here is a link on the QuNect website that describes this option in detail…again you will likely require assistance to execute this.


Quick Base does provide very strong role and permission functionality.  Each app owner can control who has access.  Even Quick Base staff do not have access to the client data unless you explicitly invite one of them into your application.  In addition, the data is encrypted in transit and data is encrypted at rest with AES256 encryption so your data is secure.  There are only a small number of Quick Base Operations staff that have Super Administrative access to files on servers which is necessary for maintenance and the care and feeding of the data centres.