Our Expertise

Emendo Solutions is Australia’s onlycertified Quick Base Solution Provider (QSP).  Quick Base is a powerful toolkit, but it is also a rapidly evolving platform.  Every month new features and functions are introduced which can have significant impact on your apps.  Let us keep you up to date with the changes and features that may improve your experience.

As a QSP, we get access to early releases, tools and prioritised bug fixes, we receive higher level product support than retail customers,  and attend invitation only conferences and workshops annually in Boston, USA. 

The biggest issue with Quick Base installations is the database architecture and set-up…if you do not have this skillset in-house, you will struggle to rapidly deploy a solution that will have massive ROI.

Our People

There are no green consultants in our team, everyone is a seasoned veteran…

Your Quick Base Consultant: Jeff Love
Jeff has over 25 years of experience; hands on business process redesign expertise, a Mechanical Engineering degree, and many years implementing software solutions under his belt.  

Jeff brings management consulting experience (Accenture), SME business coaching skills, and entrepreneurial aptitude (acquired/built and sold 5 businesses).  Jeff is a co-founder and owner of Emendo Solutions.

Jeff is a certified QuickBase Expert Builder (2018,19) and is comfortable implementing complex business processes.  He has many successful Quick Base app builds under his belt.  Jeff has 2.5 years of Quick Base integration experience.

Our Location

Emendo Solutions is a Sydney based consulting firm.  Many businesses require a local time zone support and peace of mind to reduce the risk of the “out of office hours” East Coast US software company for mission critical Quick Base apps.  Emendo Solutions is the only certified QSP in the southern hemisphere.