Helpful real world Quick Base formula examples

Here are a few formulas you can use to make your reports and QuickBase a bit better.   First off, many times in reports you have dates but want to view the month name and have the report shown in sequence…here is a simple CASE formula to accomplish just that Second, using NESTED IF statements will solve many of your issues in QuickBase.  Here is the syntax and an example for a NESTED IF formula to set up what do do based on the field value in the “Status” field… Third, many times you are going to want to make actions based on whether a field is empty or NULL.  This is a bit complicated in QuickBase because you need to do the evaluation differently when the Field Type if TEXT. For most Field Types you can simply use  However if the Field Type is TEXT you need to evaluate it differently One thing to note, in the Field Properties for NUMERIC fields, there is a tickbox that lets you choose Treat blank values as “0” in calculations.  This is important in the IsNull calculations…you… Read More »Helpful real world Quick Base formula examples