Quick Base improvements…Visio style reports & Automations

I don’t usually comment on new features and functions in Quick Base as they send out a monthly newsletter, however there are two recent features that are VERY HELPFUL.  Anyone using any tables that use a STATUS (or other pick list) that is updated over time, you should have a play with the new “Visio” style reports (Kanban) that are now available. For example a project with tasks that go from not started, in progress, complete, on-hold etc. work very nicely and are much easier to visualise and execute progress for the end user. Secondly, the automation functionality is very powerful for saving your users time and clicks when one event always makes other events happen.  For example, every new project has 3-4 tasks…when you make a project complete, all the tasks should be marked complete…if you cancel X some other record Y should be deleted or modified etc. If you have questions or think these things may be helpful, have a go or give me a call and we can discuss your use case and how to utilise these great new features that Quick Base has… Read More »Quick Base improvements…Visio style reports & Automations