Useful Apps in the Quick Base App Exchange

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of apps created in Quick Base are proprietary, industry or customer specific apps and they are fiercely protected.  They are the secret sauce for many process focused businesses, they are literally some of the core IP of the business.  So it is no surprise, there is no way those great apps are going to be posted on the app exchange for anyone to download and use.  Many of the apps on Quick Base Exchange are thin, half-baked apps that are worth exactly what you have to pay – nothing! Having said that there are two times when some of the apps are quite useful.  First, when you are a newbie and just getting started with Quick Base, especially if you are going it alone, it is useful to install and play around with a few apps to get a sense for Quick Base’s capabilities and some of the tricks. ABC PROJECT MANAGER 3 For example, ABC Project Manager 3 created by Kirk Trachy is a simple example of how you can use Quick Base to keep… Read More »Useful Apps in the Quick Base App Exchange